Saturday, May 9, 2009

A visitor in my garden...balance in the form of a brown snake.

Something about gardening makes me really appreciate the small creatures in life - the squirmy worms that mulch my small piece of earth, the writing spider that weaves her poetic web, the hummingbird that flies near my office window daily, the frog that plops amongst the waterlilies in my pond, the dragon flys that flit and fly, even those damn green worms that crunch on my roses...everything seems to have a purpose. I am sure one of the many reasons I love gardening is balance...natural order.

Today while removing some weeds (but yes composting them for life's cycle) I spied 2 tiny dark eyes staring at me. His or her tongue flicked out at me as if to say - don't get too close..."you give me space, I'll give you yours". Like Aretha that snake just wanted some r-e-s-p-e-c-t and I gave it. I geniunely felt love for this creature and was glad it was in my garden "doing it's thing", hanging out on a flower branch, sunning and helping with the bug population.

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